How to Fully Embrace Renewable Energy at Home

26 September 2018
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Unless you have your head well and truly stuck in the sand, you have to agree that environmental conditions are changing and that the world seems to be becoming a much warmer place. Experts advise that this process may become irreversible if both governments and individuals do not take more consistent action to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. You may think that you have taken a considerable step forward here to reduce the size of your own carbon footprint by installing solar panels, but in truth, you've only made the first step. How can you take full advantage of renewable energy and the latest technology to stand up for this important cause?

Making a Difference

While it is true to say that heavy industry accounts for a considerable amount of pollution around the world, if each individual homeowner was to become serious about global warming, the problem could be addressed head-on. This is especially the case when it comes to developed countries, where property owners generally have the flexibility to do so, and Australians really should step up to the plate.

Moving on From Solar

Certainly, installing a home solar system is a good start, as you will be able to produce your own electricity and cut down your need for fossil fuel energy provided by the government. You may not be wholly reliant on solar yet due to some restrictions, however, especially when it comes to your internal conditioning needs. Have you considered installing a heat pump as an additional measure? This can modify the heat from the ambient air or ground beneath your feet to produce heat for your home when you need it. You may be able to get incentives from your local government to help you install them, but remember that they are low maintenance and relatively cheap to run.

Drive Electric

What about your everyday runaround? It is now increasingly practical to buy an electric car, especially as the charging infrastructure is beginning to keep pace with demand. Usually you can get an incentive here, as well, to help you install the appropriate power outlet at your home or work.

Small Things Matter

Don't forget the relatively small things which can make a difference, as well. Introduce a smart meter at home so you can be very precise with your gas or electricity usage. These can be programmed very accurately, and you should be able to persuade your supplier to install one right away. As you do so, throw out any old CFL light bulbs and never buy them again. Instead, use LED lighting, and these bulbs will last for years while significantly cutting down on your need for electricity.

You Can Do It

There are many ways that you can make a difference if you commit most or all of your life to renewable energy. Start to take action today.