Why a Professional Bore Driller Should Dig Your Well

15 October 2018
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Who would not want a constant supply of water to their homes? Whether it is your home or your property for rent, you should consider getting a constant supply of water for your family and tenants. You can achieve this by drilling a bore in your property. You can drill a bore on your own using some equipment that you can rent. 

This will take quite some time since you have no experience and it will need you to be patient. However, it is not advisable for you as a homeowner to drill the bore on your own as the process can be more complicated than you expected. Here is why you need to call a professional bore driller to dig your well so you can achieve the best results.

Perfect Season for Drilling

Soil texture on any property changes depending on the season. During the cold season, there is frost which means the ground is hard. During summer, air is moist, and this means the ground is also moist. With this observation, you may assume that the perfect time to drill your well is during summer. However, the ground may have a lot of moisture making it hard to dig your well. Soil that has too much moisture can lead to the collapsing of the walls. A bore driller can tell if it is okay to wait for the ground to harden before digging the well. This will, in turn, protect your property's site.

Position of the well

If you want a well for your crops, you would want to dig the well at the center of your farm so that the crops can get easy access to water. You may also want to drill the well near your home. However, you need to determine the slope of your land. You should also find out if there is another bore near your site. Drilling a bore close to another well weakens the support the wells get from the soil. If you dig a well on a sloppy land, the well will overflow. A bore driller will help you determine the right location for your well.


A professional driller will flush the well when digging. This means the driller will clean water that is in the well so that loose soil does not contaminate it when digging. Flushing process helps the driller to get rid of materials like clay.  Flushing not only ensures water is clean but also improves the water yield of the well.

For more information, contact your local bore water service.