Modern Features of Fire Extinguishers

8 September 2018
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For many years, homes and businesses have been using traditional fire extinguishers that are red in colour, heavy to carry and sometimes cumbersome to operate. In addition, traditional fire extinguishers are not the most attractive to look at. This has compelled premises owners to put them out of sight or to cover them up so they don't interfere with aesthetic appeal.

It is important for fire-safety equipment to evolve with the times and become more efficient to use. Luckily, newer fire extinguishers are coming equipped with modern features that make them more useful and more attractive in their appearance.

1. Smart compatibility

As multiple devices in the home and business are becoming interconnected, fire extinguishers have not been left behind. Indeed, there are now fire extinguishers that can interact with mobile applications on your smart phone or other device.

The extinguisher comes equipped with an ioT sensor that can send and receive Bluetooth signals. In this way, the device can interact with a mobile app, smoke detectors and other devices in the home to respond instantaneously when a fire erupts. For example, if your smoke detectors go off, a signal can be transmitted to the smart fire extinguisher to discharge its extinguishing agent and limit fire damage.

2. Material and design flexibility

In the past, most fire extinguishers were designed in much the same way and to highly standardised specifications. Nowadays, extinguishers can be designed with different materials that specifically suit the style of your premises. For example, you can equip your business with chrome-coloured extinguishers that have a slick and smooth design on the outside.

These extinguishers, made of steel, can fit the look of your premises and even give you a design boost. Customised fire extinguishers also make your premises safer because you won't feel the need to hide or disguise them.

3. Reinvented design with additional tools

The reinvented design of modern fire extinguishers also allows manufacturers to add various utility items to the extinguisher itself. For example, newer models come equipped with a crowbar that you can use to pry open a door or smash through a window during an emergency. Some also come fitted with a slot where you can place emergency numbers to contact when a fire breaks out.

4. More efficient extinguishing agents

Newer fire extinguishers are also more efficient. They come equipped with an extinguishing agent that can put out many different types of fires. The dry powder extinguishing agent is useful for electrical, paper, gas and liquid fires. In this way, you only have to worry about equipping and maintaining one type of universal fire extinguisher.

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